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Do you suffer from blocked ears, constantly ringing ears or glue ear?

Many of our children complain of swimmers ear, feeling like there is water trapped. This often leads to headaches. The solution can be as simple as an Ear Candling treatment.
The basic technique involves the use of a hollow candle, which looks like a thick straw. The candle is saturated in 100% beeswax and contains a blend of herbs which release a gentle vapor when the candle is lit to soothe and calm the ear and arrest any infection that may be harbored inside the ear.
One end of the candle is placed in the opening of the ear and then the other end is lit. The flame creates a vacuum, which gently draws the excess wax up the stem of the candle so that there is no mess and no risk to the client. The body will release only old dirty wax and quickly replace it with clean wax, which is easily identified by its honey color.
Ear Candling is ideal for removing decayed and polluted wax, Candida (yeast infection) or fungal infections lodged in the auditory canal.
Children are particularly susceptible to ear infections because the inside of their auditory canal is horizontal. Ear Candling may be beneficial for toddlers to give instant relief from the symptoms of congestion, earache and the discomfort that accompanies teething, colds and flu.


Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint

R.E.S.E.T is a simple non invasive system of relaxing Jaw Muscles enabling the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) to reset!

The TMJ influences the body as a whole, including the body’s skeletal, muscular, nervous, meridian systems and hydration.

By relaxing the jaw muscles the TMJ is correctly reset. The TMJ, due to its central role in cranial and spinal dynamics, affects the quality of the brain/muscular feedback system. The slightest tension in the jaw muscles can alter the normal “balanced” position of the TMJ, causing confused electrical messages to be relayed throughout the body.


During your treatment your practitioner applies gentle "rolling" moves on very specific points on the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  These moves are often applied in special sequences, the fascia and increased circulation of blood, lymph and energy.  All serve to bring about the often profound results positively affecting many conditions in the whole body.

At specific times during your treatment, the practitioner may allow your body to rest, they may even leave the room.

This can be an important part of the treatment, when your body is given time to react to the work that has been done.  It also is a time for you to relax - you may with to 'tune-in' to how your body may be responding to the work.

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